If you are a Level 4 student and have not yet commenced semester two, Restart maybe an option for you.

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You do not need to be experiencing difficulties to request a restart – you may still be adjusting to university life and decide you need a fresh start.

You can apply to restart the same programme the following academic year, or you can apply to a different programme of study. Restarting does not count as a repeat year under the Academic Regulations.

Financial implications of restarting

There are financial implications to restarting. Before applying, you must read the fee liability policy to ensure you understand the full financial implications of restarting.

If you are thinking of restarting, you need to discuss your options with Academic Registry first. Please contact the Academic Records team [email protected]

If you are an international student, you must also discuss your options with the International Office before applying to restart.

Is Restart an option?

Departments and faculties will consider each application individually, but there are some reasons why you cannot restart. These include:

  • You are not a level 4 student
  • You have commenced semester 2
  • The course you want to restart on is full
  • The course you want to restart on is no longer running
  • You do not have the required entry criteria, entry points or relevancy to join the course you want to start on

Please contact [email protected] for further advice and guidance

How do I apply to Restart?

You can apply to Restart if you are a level 4 student and have not commenced semester 2. Whether you restart on the same or different programme, you do not need to apply through the University Admissions process, unless the University identifies a specific reason for doing so. If you request to transfer to a different programme, your application to restart will be passed to our Admissions team. They will ensure that you meet the relevant entry criteria and invite you to complete any additional requirements (such as an audition or interview) that may apply.

After discussing your options and financial liability with Academic Registry, you need to complete the restart application form and obtain approval from your department/faculty.

You can download the restart form here.

You can download the restart and transfer form here.

When your form is completed, and you have all the necessary authorisations, please submit it to Academic Records in the Student Administration building. Alternatively, you can email it to [email protected]

My application to restart has been approved – what happens next?

During the time between your application being approved and your restart beginning, you will not be considered a student at the University. You will not have access to the Edge Hill network or any University facilities until you restart.

We will notify you of the outcome of your restart request in writing.

Approximately three months before your restart, we will contact you in writing with your start date and enrolment information, and where appropriate, refer you for any necessary clearance checks (eg DBS).

Can I carry forward the credits from my first semester?

When you restart it is a completely blank slate – you cannot carry forward any credits from your original first semester. Similarly, you will not carry forward any fails from your original first semester – these are disregarded and will not count.

My application to restart has been rejected – what happens next?

If you are experiencing difficulties, please talk to us about how we can support you. Any of the following can offer you advice and guidance about your options from a personal, academic and financial perspective:

• Personal tutor
• Programme leader
• Head of department
Transitions Team
The Students’ Union
Academic Registry

Restart Guide PDF

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