Interrupting your studies

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If you experience serious personal, medical or financial issues during your study, you can apply  to interrupt your studies for a specific period of time.

Interruption applies to exceptional circumstances only. You need approval to interrupt your study – it isn’t an automatic right.

If you are considering interrupting your studies you must contact the Academic Records team as soon as possible to seek advice.

Arts & Sciences Students: [email protected]

Education Students: [email protected]

Health, Social Care & Medicine Students: [email protected]

You will also be required to contact the Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries Team for advice on tuition fee and funding/bursary implications of interruption.

The University’s full policy on interruption is in Appendix 9 of the Academic Regulations.
You can download a form here.

Please note: you cannot request interruption during the programme’s main assessment periods, which are usually at the end of each semester or at the end of the academic year.  If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances at this time, please follow the Exceptional Mitigating Circumstances (EMC) procedure. You may be able to defer your assessments. 

You must have a successful EMC application for a first repeat of an assessment. Repeat assessments take place at the next scheduled assessment point or during the following academic year.

When you return to a professional programme after interruption,  you must satisfy professional fitness to practise requirements and DBS checks before returning to your study.

You are required to re-enrol when returning after a period of interruption.

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