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If a prospective employer needs confirmation that you studied here, we can provide you with a reference.

Please note, we can only provide general references confirming course dates and confirmation of registration. For more detailed references contact your department.

References take up to five working days to process. Please specify whether you want to collect your reference from the Student Administration helpdesk or have it posted to you.

You must authorise any third-party reference requests.

Click the relevant box below for information on how to request a reference:

Faculty of Education

Please contact the following:

Early Years Courses: [email protected]

Secondary & Further Education Courses: [email protected]

Primary, TLCD, Working with Children 5-11 & CYPLD: [email protected]

Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine

General references requesting course dates and confirmation of registration can be obtained via the Enrolment team. These must be accompanied with a Third Party Reference Consent Form.

Personal and Academic references requiring feedback on performance, attendance, integrity or course hours should be submitted to your personal tutor or course leader.

Please email the enrolment team with any queries or for more information.

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