Photo upload guidance

Photo upload guidance for Edge Hill stage one enrolment

When you are completing  stage one enrolment you will need to upload a photo of yourself. This will be used for identification purposes on your student ID card, known as your Unicard.

Your photo must meet the guidance set out below. If it doesn’t, we will reject it and ask you to resubmit one that does. This can drag out your stage one enrolment and could mean that we are unable to produce your Unicard before you arrive.

Your photo must be:

  • A recent colour passport style photo of your head and shoulders
  • Taken recently ie the last 6 months
  • Of you alone (no other people, no pets)
  • Taken against a plain, light-coloured background
  • Show you facing forwards and in the centre of the photograph
  • With eyes open, visible and free from reflection or glare from glasses

We do not accept photos that have:

  • been taken in a bar
  • had filters applied
  • been taken on an angle
  • been taken from a distance or where there are other people visible
  • red-eye
  • anything covering your face (eg scarf, sunglasses, hair)
  • shadows across your face or behind you
  • been scanned or are duplicated images eg photos of photos
  • inappropriate or obscene images

Get it right first time to avoid a delay in your enrolment and you receiving your student finance. More detailed guidelines can be found in the Online Enrolment Guide we will send out to you.

Acceptable photos:

Photo upload guidance acceptable

Unacceptable photos:

Photo upload guidance unacceptable

File Format

The image should be a JPEG or JPG file and should be no more than 2MB.

What do I do if my photo is too big?

The system has a 2MB limit, so if your smartphone takes very high-resolution pictures you probably will not be able to upload it. Try changing the settings or use a photo resizing tool.

If you have access to a desktop computer, you can also use that to resize your picture. On a PC, open your image in Paint, click ‘resize’ and reduce the numbers in the horizontal and vertical boxes (eg set them both to 50).

On a Mac, open the image in Preview, click ‘tools’ and reduce the numbers in the height and width boxes (make sure you have the ‘Scale proportionally’ box ticked).

Save your image and check how large it is (right click on the image, select properties) – if it is less than 2MB you can now upload it.

Still need help? Contact the Enrolment team at [email protected].


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