Email set-up

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It is essential that you set up your Edge Hill email account.

After your initial enrolment invite, all further messages from us will be sent to your Edge Hill email address. Use the username and password you were sent in your enrolment invite to log in and set your email up.

You can then log in to check your emails through the student homepage by clicking the ‘Email’ icon.

We recommend that you check your Edge Hill Email account on a daily basis.

If your password doesn’t work when trying to log in to set your email up,  please contact our Catalyst helpdesk at [email protected] and they will reset it for you.

How can I get my Edge Hill emails on my phone?

To receive your University emails on your phone or tablet, download the Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store (Android) or from the App Store (Apple).

Once you have downloaded it, open the app and it will prompt you to add your email account using your student number login and your password.

The app will then ask you to log in again, this time to Edge Hill’s own Outlook server. Once you have done this it will add your inbox to your mobile device.

If you have any issues please contact the Catalyst Helpdesk: [email protected].

How do I set up my Edge Hill emails to be forwarded to another account?

To set up a forward on your Edge Hill email account, you will need to:

  • log into your emails via a web browser
  • click the settings cog
  • view all outlook settings at the bottom
  • click ‘forwarding’
  • tick the ‘enable forwarding’ box and enter your forwarding email address

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