Council Tax Exemption

Council tax exemption

You are exempt from paying council tax if you are studying on a full-time programme.

To apply for exemption, you will need to request a Confirmation of Student Registration Certificate. You can do this through the student homepage – follow the instructions below.

• Log in to your student record
• Click on ‘view record’
• Click the orange ‘Click here for CSRC’ button

Once you have followed these steps a certificate will be emailed to your Edge Hill email account. This certificate will act as proof of your enrolment on your course and can be submitted to your Local Authority for Council Tax exemption.

Certificates are valid for one academic year only and you must reapply at the start of each term.

Please note, certificates will only be available from the first teaching week of term and this will differ depending on the term dates of your programme.


Council Tax exemption FAQs

Who qualifies for Council Tax exemption?

To qualify for exemption as a student, students must be studying towards a full-time programme (not including apprenticeships), that lasts 24 weeks per year and involves at least 21 hours of study, tuition or work experience per week during term time.

Students on a course that is not deemed full-time by Edge Hill will not receive a certificate from us. This includes part-time, Fastrack and those on short courses under 24 weeks per year.

How can I get a Confirmation of Student Registration Certificate (CSRC) for council tax purposes?

All full-time students who meet all the qualifying criteria can download a CRSC.

NB Once downloaded it will be sent to the students Edge Hill Email account within 48 hours.

How long is the certificate valid for?

Confirmation of Student Registration Certificates are only valid for the current academic year only – students must download a new certificate for each academic year of full-time study.

Council tax exemption lasts from the first day of the course until the official end date of the course (not the graduation date). This includes holiday periods until the final year of the course.

I started my course in January / March and my certificate only runs until the end of July. Why does it not cover the whole of my year of study?

The academic year runs from September to August. If a course starts later than September, students need to download two certificates per academic year.

I am an international student. Am I exempt?

If your visa states ‘no recourse to public funds’ then you are exempt.

I have a placement as part of my course. Am I still classed as a full-time student during this period?

Yes, you are still classed as a full-time student for the period that you are away from University.

I am repeating the year but on a part time basis (Transfer to Part Time), am I still eligible?

Students who have been transferred to part time (TPT) are still classed as full-time students and are eligible to receive a council tax certificate.

If you have been granted a repeat year and will be undertaking the same course full time in the next academic year you will remain exempt during the summer.

I have withdrawn from my studies part way through the academic year. Would I still be eligible for the full year?

As soon as a student withdraws from the course, they become liable for Council Tax and must tell their local council as soon as possible.

I am an apprentice working towards a qualification. Am I entitled to a certificate?

Yes, as long as you are earning less than £95 per week, you should be exempt.

I have completed my undergraduate degree and am going on to do a postgraduate course in September. Am I eligible to council tax exemption throughout the summer?

Undergraduate students who then undertake a postgraduate course are not classed as a student between courses (the summer period between one course ending and the other starting).

I have completed my final year but have an outstanding placement or modules to complete - am I entitled to a certificate?

Nursing or Education students who have outstanding placement/s to complete are still entitled to a certificate. Please email the Enrolment team to request the certificate.

However, if students only have modules to complete and the resit period comes after the final term, then students are not exempt beyond the last day of your course. This means you will be liable for Council Tax over the summer vacation and covering the resit period.

Are PHD/GTA students eligible for a council tax certificate?

Before submission, students will be entitled to receive a CRSC. After submission there will be a 10-week period where students are exempt whilst waiting for their VIVA. If after receiving the VIVA there are corrections to make, your council will need further information including a letter confirming the new end date and a letter from your supervisor detailing the attendance and the level of corrections needed. It is then up to your council to decide if you are exempt. After re-submission, students are no longer exempt.

Obtaining a certificate for previous years

If you require a retrospective certificate for previous years of study or after the programmes finishes you must pay a £10.00 admin fee:

• Pay for retrospective or duplicate certificates through the University Online Store

• Pay at the Finance Office and present the receipt together with the request to the Student Administration Helpdesk


If you cannot see the orange button on your record and you believe you are eligible for council tax exemption, please contact the Enrolment team via [email protected]. Requests may take up to 2 working days to process.

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