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Sometimes, students encounter circumstances that make it difficult for them to successfully undertake their studies.

Should this happen to you, we urge you to take advice and support from staff and not to undertake challenging times alone.

[email protected] within Student Services can offer support to help you to remain on programme working with Wellbeing,

Academic Registry offers a number of schemes to support you through these periods, but sometimes only a person can provide the detailed advice and reassurance you need.

There are many staff members at Edge Hill  who can provide you with dedicated support during difficult times. This includes colleagues from Academic Registry, the Student Advice and Representation Centre and Student Services.

Personal tutors and other departmental colleagues are also available to support you during difficult times.

Please do not struggle in silence.

Options to help you through difficult times include:

You can find more information about the following options on the Academic Records pages

Academic Registry contact details are here Team contact details.

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