Academic Regulations

The Academic Regulations provide a framework for the University to operate within to deliver programmes and make awards.

Areas covered within the Academic Regulations that directly affect students include:

  • Enrolment and Attendance
  • Assessment, Reassessment and Condonement
  • Academic Malpractice
  • Progression
  • Award Classification
  • Results and Appeals
  • Certification
  • Deferring, Suspending or Repeating Study
  • Academic and Professional Exclusion

The Academic Regulations are approved on an annual basis by the University’s Academic Board. Although the regulations will be updated annually, changes will not be implemented to the disadvantage of students already registered. The annual publication of the regulations will be accompanied by a short paper that summarises any changes.

The Academic Regulations are binding, no member of staff is empowered or permitted to operate outside of the terms set and only the Academic Board can agree amendments to the regulations.

There are also a number of appendices to the regulations and these are as equally binding as the central document.

The Academic Regulations and appendices are available to view at:

Academic Registry also produce The Academic Regulations summary for students commencing an Honours Degree in 2018/19.