Past Research Projects

Examples of studies conducted using the online participation system:

Social and personality psychology example

This study was interested in personality and communication. Participants were asked to complete a series of questions about experiences of university and a questionnaire about their personality. They then took part in a mock interview with another person for a period of 20 minutes. Researchers obtained video data of this interaction to gain insight into how aspects of personality reveal themselves in interactive situations.

Cognitive psychology example

This study was interested in attentional processes impact upon memory ability. This study used eye-tracking technology as a way of measuring attention during a memorisation task using word lists.

Educational Psychology example

The aim of this research was to examine factors affecting transition and retention in Higher Education. In particular, how pre-entry programmes and factors such as identities in education, impact on transition into university. This was a longitudinal study across the first year of the course, and required participants to complete self-report questionnaires at the start and then the end of their first year.

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