A Cross-Cultural Study of Binge/Pre-Drinking Behaviours

This research is being conducted by Rebecca Monk, Derek Heim (Edge Hill University, UK), Javier Fernández-Montalvo (Universidad Pública de Navarra, Spain).

What are we researching?

A recent review has noted the predominant focus of research into drinking practices has been on Anglo-Saxon populations. Research which can provide a more nuanced understanding of the drivers of alcohol consumption is thus required to aid the development of effective intervention approaches. This research is therefore interested in examining both UK and Spanish drinking practices.

What is the purpose of this study?

All information collected is for research purposes. Summaries of the information you provide will be used to write research and thus may be seen publicly as part of journal articles or conference papers/presentations. The data may also be made publicly available. However, you will not be able to be personally identified from any of the information you provide. Information acquired regarding your age, ethnicity and gender is for statistical purposes and will not be used to identify you personally in any way. Only the researchers will have direct access to the data you provide.

What is involved in Participating and what will I get in return?

We ask that you do not complete this study if you have consumed alcohol in the past 3 hours. You must be a university student in the UK aged between 18-25 to take part in this research, and you will be asked to provide the name of your institution. This study will involve you following the on-screen instructions and answering questions about your own alcohol consumption and related beliefs. The study is expected to last approximately 20 minutes.

You will receive £4 for taking part in this research. This will be granted once the researcher has verified your completion against the email address you will be asked to supply. Participant payment can only be handled through PayPal (it is free and easy to set up an account if you do not already have one).

How do I Withdraw?

You do not have to answer any question at any point during this study. You are also free to withdraw from this study at any point during this study (by closing your browser). You can also decide to withdraw your data for up to 2 weeks after you finish taking part. To do so, simply contact any of the researchers and supply the memorable word that you will be asked for on the consent form.

What if I want advice about drinking, or help with reducing my drinking?

We are not qualified to offer advice ourselves, but if you are concerned about your drinking, and would like help giving up, we advise you to seek information and advice from your Doctor, by calling Drinkline on 0800 917 82 82, or from one of the following websites:

Researcher contact details

If you have any further questions regarding this research please feel free to see us directly or alternatively contact us:

If you need to contact somebody independent of the study, please contact the Departmental Chair of the Research Ethics Committee: Dr Andy Levy, levya@edgehill.ac.uk.

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