Research Internship Scheme

We are dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for our students, and as testimony to this, we have provided opportunities for our students to take part in a Paid Research Internship Scheme. An early version of this scheme was previously trialed, in which approximately one-third of our students opted to volunteer to assist with staff research. Given its success, 2015 marked the first year of our paid scheme, in which approximately 20% of our current second year undergraduate students were employed as Research Interns across a range of staff research projects.

Examples of projects included:

  • Personality and communication
  • Investigating eye-movements across cultures
  • Person perception
  • Multiple perceptive-taking
  • Observational learning
  • Behaviour change and food awareness
  • Eye-movements and memory

For more information about this exciting scheme, please contact our coordinator, Dr Stergios Makris

More details about staff research can be located on our Research Group pages and individual staff profiles.


Tom Leatherbarrow, winner of EHU Student Employee of the Year 2016, as a result of his work on our Internship