Autism Lab

We are a diverse group of researchers investigating autism from a range of perspectives. We study how autistic people perceive the social and non-social world and how they use language. We are also interested in neurodiversity more broadly, as well as interventions that bring positive changes in the lives of autistic people and their families.

In our studies, we use behavioural experiments, physiological methods, eye-tracking, electroencephalography, brain stimulation, computational approaches, and virtual reality. We also hold a bi-weekly journal club where we exchange ideas and skills and discuss recent advances in autism research.

Lab Members

Dr Gray Atherton – social processing
Dr Edwin Burns – face processing
Dr Liam Cross – social cognition and the processing of anthropomorphism
Ben Ford – visual perspective taking and Theory of Mind in social interaction.
Dr Themis Karaminis – autistic perception and language processing, interventions, child development
Dr Damien Litchfield – visual cognition
Dr Stergios Makris – visual perception, attention, body and action representation
Dr Martin McPhillips – child development
Prof. Rod Nicolson – positive psychology, learning
Dr Joanne Powell – social processing and Theory of Mind
Dr Adam Qureshi – social cognition, perspective-taking and Theory of Mind
Dr Nicola van Rijsbergen – development of category processing
Angel Tang – learning interventions
Dr Diana Tham – perceptual and face processing, infant development
Dr Felicity Wolohan – social cognition, processing of facial cues


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