Research Facilities

The Department of Psychology is dedicated to supporting cutting-edge research and has a number of purpose-build laboratories, housing many pieces of technical equipment. The Department also provides appropriate training for students to access these advanced research methods. For virtual tour of the Dept. please click here.

Eye-Tracking Labs

We have three eye-tracking labs each with a EyeLink 1000 desktop eye-tracker. We also have a mobile eye-tracker (Tobii Glasses) to measure eye-gaze behaviour in a range of tasks.


BioPac Lab

Includes our Biopac physiological measurement tools, to measure physiological indicators such as heart rate, sweat responses, and electromyography (EMG).



nirsHouses our Near infra-red Spectroscopy (NIRS) equipment that measures blood flow and cerebral activity.




Housing our Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) & Transcranial direct electrical current stimulation (tDCS).


Human Tissue Lab

A purpose-built laboratory that allows researchers to take human tissue samples in a controlled environment that is compliant with the Human Tissue Act (2004). The Department of Psychology undertakes ethically approved research involving human tissue and is coordinated by the Edge Hill University Human Tissue Act Committee.


Observation Lab

A custom-built observation lab, complete with observation booth and filming equipment to conduct research designed around human observation and behaviour


Simulation Lab

A purpose-built “bar lab”, designed to support our Substance Use and Misuse research work, to explore contextual influences on alcohol cognitions and behaviour


“Pain Lab”

We have recently invested in a DS8R Digitmer Consant Current Stimulator. This is used for nerve and muscle stimulation via electrical pulses, for controlled induction of pain


3D Printer

We have recently invested in a 3D printer which supports us to produce artifacts to be used for research and creative learning activities


Psychology Computer Suites

Dedicated PC suites which have full network access, relevant software and technical facilities available for our students to use


Individual Research Cubicles

Quiet cubicles which are bookable for staff and students to collect research data and conduct psychological tests