Esteban Daniel León Correa

Esteban Daniel León Correa portrait photo


Supervisors Contact Details
Dr Stergios Makris
Dr Adam Qureshi
Dr Alex Balani
Department of Psychology
Edge Hill University
L39 4QP
Email:  Esteban Daniel León Correa

Research Interests

My PhD research aims to identify the adequate protocols that can maximize the benefits of a combined intervention of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and cognitive training in elderly population. With this method, I expect to improve brain functioning, cognitive capacities and everyday performance in the elderly population. Moreover, I expect to maintain these gains across time to slow down the effects of ageing. During the experiments, I will use electroencephalography (EEG) to understand the underlying mechanisms by which tDCS operates within the brain and the neuroplastic changes that it can induce, to explain our outcomes. The importance of this project relies on the fact that the elderly population is rapidly increasing, and ageing is highly correlated with cognitive impairment, reduction in everyday functioning and neurodegenerative diseases as dementia.

Research Activities


  • PhD studentship (2021 – 2024) – Edge Hill University
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