Dr Alex Balani

Dr Alex Balani - Senior Lecturer in PsychologyInformation

Research Qualifications
Cognitive neuropsychological assessment,
Cognitive deficits,
Cognitive and psycho-social effects of brain injury on the patients and their families,
Attention and attentional bias,
Working Memory, Visual Cognition
Cross-modal information processing
BSc & MSc Psychology, Stockholm University, 1997
MRes Cognitive Neuropsychology & Rehabilitation, University of Birmingham, 2004
PhD Visual Cognition, University of Birmingham, 2009
Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society
Teaching Contact
PSY1112: Introduction to Cognitive and Biological Psychology
PSY1117: Real World Psychology
PSY2114: Cognitive Psychology (Module Leader)
PSY3135: Dissertation
Dr Alex Balani
Department of Psychology
Edge Hill University
L39 4QP
Phone: 01695 657335
Email: Alex Balani
Office: LP 2.17


Full-text links of these publications available on the Edge Hill University Research Information Repository

Balani, A.B. (2020). Cross-Modal Information Transfer and the Effect of Concurrent Task-Load. Journal of Experimental Psychology-Learning Memory and Cognition, 46(1), 104-116.

Wall, H., Balani, A., & Larkin, D. (2020). What psychology can tell us about why some people don’t wear masks – and how to change their minds. The conversation, (Dec. 2020).

Qureshi, A. W., Wall, H. J., Humphries, J. E, & Bahrami Balani, A. (2016). Can Personality Traits Modulate Student Engagement with learning and their Attitude to Employability? Learning and Individual Differences, 51, 349-358

Lau, J.K., Humphreys, G.W., Douis, H., Balani, A., Bickerton, W.L., & Rotshtein, P. (2015). The relation of object naming and other visual speech production tasks: A large scale voxel-based morphometric study. Neuroimage Clin. 7, 463-75. doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2015.01.015. eCollection. PMID: 25685713

Bickerton, W.L., Demeyere, N., Francis, D., Kumar, V., Remoundou, M., Balani, A., Harris, L., Williamson, J., Lau, J.K., Samson, D., Riddoch, M.J., & Humphreys, G.W. (2014). The BCoS Cognitive Profile Screen: Utility and Predictive Value for Stroke. Neuropsychology. doi; 10.1037/neu0000160

Bahrami Balani, A., Soto, D. & Humphreys, G. W. (2012). Separating top-down and bottom-up cueing of attention from response inhibition in utilization behaviour.  Neurocase, 18, 98-111.

Bickerton, W., L., Riddoch, M. J., Samson, D., Bahrami Balani, A.,  Mistry, B. & Humphreys, G. W. (2012) Systematic assessment of apraxia and functional predictions from the Birmingham Cognitive Screen. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry, 83, 513-521.

Bahrami Balani, A., Soto, D. & Humphreys, G. W. (2010). Working memory and target-related distractor effects on visual search. Memory & Cognition, 38, 1058-1076.

Soto, D., Wriglesworth, A., Bahrami Balani, A. &. Humphreys, G. W. (2010). Working memory enhances visual perception: Evidence from signal detection analysis. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 36, 441-456.

Bahrami Balani, A., Soto, D., & Humphreys, G. W. (2009). Constraints on task-based control of behaviour following frontal lobe damage: A single-case study. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 26, 635-654.

Research Grants

Bahrami Balani, A, & Qureshi, A, (2014-15) Relationship in and between executive functions (EHU-RIF, £12,000)

Bahrami Balani, A., Jack, B. & Simpson, S. (2017-18). RITA-PGMI award: Experiences of patients with acquired brain injury and their family carers of rehabilitation (RITA-PGMI, £22,000)

Bahrami Balani, A. (2012-2013) Understanding the interaction between working memory and selective attention. Economic and Social Research Council (£70,978).

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