Peer Mentors

The Department of Psychology established a Peer Mentoring Scheme in 2015, for second year students to be peer mentors for first year students. The objective of this is to create an additional mechanism of support and dialogue across our students, to ensure a satisfying student experience.

Edge Hill Psychology Peer Mentors 2015-2016Our Peer Mentors are listed below. Select their names to link to their email address should you need to make contact.

Hi, I’m Pippa, I’m currently studying BSc Psychology at Edge Hill University. I consider myself an extremely bubbly person who’s always up for a laugh. During my first year at uni I’ve been loving the freedom of living independently, socialising with friends and often enjoy listening to music and working on my degree.

This course is great for people who aren’t 100% sure what branch of psychology you want to work within as it provides a great variety of topics in the field and has helped me realise that I wish to pursue a career as a forensic psychologist. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries about the course or general university life. Good Luck!

Hello! My name is Bethan Gannon and I study Psychology BSc (Hons) here at Edge Hill University. Alongside studying I am a big Disney geek, also my interests run into my love for Nintendo and my old Gameboy. I can crochet, do Zumba and Yoga, plus I dabble in cooking and drawing. I have a great love for Shakespeare! I’ve volunteered in mentoring schemes and charities before and currently visit and talk to patients, as a form of friendly company in various hospitals. From experience throughout my first year, I know its nice to have someone similar in age and experience to help guide you and so I’m here to help. Studying here is a step on my pathway to hopefully becoming a Clinical Psychologist in the long run; fingers crossed!

Hi, my name is Lydia Hill, I am a second year student studying Psychology, currently volunteering within a health setting and have completed work within the police. My interest began in Psychology from A-level where I learned all about different aspects of the body and mind, and I wanted to know more, therefore I began my Psychology degree last year and I have loved every minute of it, even assignments as the feedback by members of staff has allowed me to improve massively. First year can seem daunting so I am here for any questions you have whether I am in the Hub, walking round university or by e-mail! Look forward to meeting you!

Hi, my name’s Sammie and I’m currently a second year Psychology student at Edge Hill University. I’m an avid reader and a member of the rounders team. In my spare time I enjoy doing a variety of sport recreationally, such as badminton and swimming. I’ve always had an interest in Psychology, and after studying it for A level, I knew that it was what I wanted to do with my life. Ultimately, I plan to continue studying after this degree with the end goal of becoming a qualified Educational Psychologist.  When the opportunity came to volunteer as a peer mentor, I realised what an asset it would have been if this had been available to me in my first year, and so I decided to volunteer so I could help people in a similar position that I was in last year.

I’m currently a second year psychology student who enjoys swimming, horse riding and socialising. I also volunteer for the Bolton Hospice, and work in the charity shop for a few hours every week. This is a job I love to do. From starting my A-Level in psychology, I knew that it was a subject area that interested me. As my knowledge of it increased, I realised that I wanted to make a career in this field.

At Edge Hill I really enjoy swimming in the pool and living with the friends I made in first year.

My motivation to become a peer mentor came from my love of helping people. When I came to university I intended to try and help as many people as I could, and this opportunity will enable me to do this.In the future, I hope to work in the mental health sector supporting as many people and families as I can.

Hi, my name is Rosie Potter and I am a second year Educational Psychology student. I am a Netflix addict, I love to cook and I enjoy being outside. I have always wanted to be a teacher, and I studied Psychology at A-Level, which I found really interesting. I chose to study Ed. Psych because I think that having the knowledge of how and why people learn will really aid my future career as a teacher. I am currently an Online Mentor within the University, which means that I talk online to prospective applicants and help them with any problems they may have. I am really excited to be a peer mentor and feel free to come and talk to me about anything!

I spend most of my free time volunteering with companies that support those with special needs. I enjoy giving people the opportunity to get involved with activities such as drama and sport in a safe and inclusive environment.

I chose to study psychology at university as I felt it would support me in gaining a career in special needs therapies, and also it’s a subject that never fails to interest me.

Edge Hill has been a great place for me to both study and enjoy myself. I have learnt that it is possible to put work first and still find time to socialise and enjoy student life. I wanted to be a peer mentor as I know from experience what it’s like being a first year student and therefore would love to help and support others during this huge change in their lives.  I aspire to come out if university with a degree that will assist me in a career supporting others.

I study straight Psychology and I’m in my second year. I enjoy reading in my spare time along with binge-watching shows on Netflix and can often be found singing (badly and mainly ABBA) on karaoke night in the SU Bar. I volunteered to be a peer mentor because I lived on campus for my first year so know exactly what it’s like to be starting at university, particularly being away from home; this will allow me to be able to peer mentor using my own first-hand experiences. I am particularly interested in Forensic Psychology and would like to take that career route in future. Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

Hello! My name is Helen, and I am currently in my second year studying Psychology. I first became interested in Psychology when my Nan suffered from Dementia and had several strokes. Seeing the affects her illness had on her behaviour made me interested in the way the mind works. I wanted to become a peer mentor because I like helping people and am a good listener. I like to go on runs and go Zumba class every Wednesday. In my free time I enjoy cooking- in particular baking. In the future I hope to work in special educational needs.

I’m currently the president of both the astronomy and Buddhist society, and hobbies I enjoy include reading and (of course) stargazing. My initial attraction to the study of psychology was the result of both my interest in why people behave the way they do as well as attempting to understand why mental illness occurs. I enjoy playing a role in two of the many societies the university has to offer and also being part of the mentor scheme in the department; I was motivated to become a mentor after experiencing first year and realising that having a peer mentor available would have been a valuable resource during the year, especially during the first semester. In the future I hope to enter clinical psychology as a career.