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BSc (Hons) Psychology

Jade graduated from Edge Hill University in July 2015 and has recently been accepted onto a PhD studentship scheme, in which she will be exploring social identity transition in eating disorder recovery. When asked on how her EHU experiences prepared her for this, she replied;

“Studying at EHU prepared me well in research methods, which was very much the focus of the interview for my PhD studentship. I understand that a PhD will be an incredible amount of work, but I feel confident about having to gather my own participants, conducting the literature review and understanding the data I will be collecting. Knowing how to balance all the work and independence I developed at EHU has prepared me for the PhD as I am confident I’ll be able to mange all that will be expected of me. Not only that but the support I received from lecturers even after I graduated has been a massive boost and helped me pursue the PhD. Without the support I wouldn’t have been as prepared or confident when applying.”

She also added;

“I think while I was an undergrad student, emphasis was on needing work experience which is very true, work experience is crucial. I think I’d just like other students to be aware that it doesn’t necessarily need to be as a research assistant because those roles are so highly sort after not everyone will get a place. But as long as what you experience is related to what you wish to study further down the line, it is still valuable experience. I worked as a healthcare support worker with eating disorder patients, and while I didn’t do research or any psychology work, I gained amazing insight into eating disorders which really set me up for my PhD. So if you’re really passionate about going on to do further education don’t get disheartened after a few set backs, hard work pays off I am proof of that.”


BSc (Hons) Psychology

Stacey Smith

“I liked that the lecturers in the department were all active researchers and regularly published their work.”


“I was an all-rounder in school and never had a subject that really stuck out for me; Psychology was not on the curriculum. I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and decided that University would be the perfect opportunity to pursue this interest further. I knew I wanted a career working with people so psychology seemed like the obvious choice.

I enjoyed every module and learnt a great deal at University. I found that I was really good at Psychology and the whole subject really interested me. In particular I enjoyed Cognitive Psychology, Biological Foundations of Behaviour, Addiction Studies, Educational Psychology and Abnormal Psychology.

When I came to visit the University on an Open Day for prospective students I felt at home on the campus. I liked the buildings, the atmosphere, the friendliness and I felt comfortable and relaxed. I was also attracted to the Library and Computer facilities and in particular the Student Services. I appreciated that the lecturers in the department were all active researchers and regularly published their work.

I secured full time employment two months after graduating and have been working and living in London for the last 2 years as an Assessment Centre Support Worker. I work with young, vulnerable people who are homeless or leaving care and assess their support needs to determine what they need in order to reach their potential and live independently within the community. The role has allowed me to work with many individuals including young people who have very low self esteem, anger management issues, have experienced abuse, domestic violence or neglect, are not in education, training or employment, are at risk of offending or who have mental health issues. My role is to assess their support needs, implement a support package and provide holistic support through one-to-one client-focused key work sessions, AQA accredited group workshops and referrals and sign-posting to other agencies.

Without my degree in Psychology I would not be able to do this job. I am working with people who have many years of experience in this sector and my degree allowed me to develop the skills needed to do the job with much less experience. Studying Psychology gave me an insight into human behaviour and possible reasons for behaviour. This job allows me to see first-hand how people’s experiences impact their behaviour and everyday lives.”


BSc(Hons) Psychology

Rebecca Kearsley


It is a beautiful campus, friendly and welcoming and by far the best I have seen.

“I studied Psychology at A-level and this is where it sparked my interest really. I found the subject fascinating but also challenging and enjoyed learning about it which encouraged me to go on to study it at university. Additionally, like a lot of other people I hadn’t made my mind up 100% about what I wanted to be in the future and Psychology is a subject that can lead to a variety of careers and prospects which was reassuring.

I liked the fact that within the degree you explored a range of areas in psychology and gained knowledge in each field so that you could begin to see what area appealed to you. You could then use your preferences and specialise in certain modules to help you to pursue your desired career. Away from the studying, the people I met at university were amazing- truly friends for life.

Initially it was the Edge Hill campus that drew me in. It is a beautiful campus, friendly and welcoming and by far the best I have seen. Also the Psychology department seemed organised and a good course to be part of.”

I am currently studying a PGCE in primary education at Edge Hill University. I have always wanted to work with children and my specialisms included child psychology, education psychology and developmental psychology which inevitably helped me gain a place on the PGCE course. It has taught me a range of skills and also gave me the opportunity to conduct research in a school for my dissertation, which was a valuable and truly insightful experience.


BSc(Hons) Psychology

James Stack

Looking back I now feel that my time at Edge Hill is the bedrock for where I am today.

“I studied psychology because I wanted to understand how children develop. I was interested in what motivates children; why one child is constantly causing mischief, why another is withdrawn, why another is needy or constantly seeking attention. As time progressed I became more and more interested in how children come to make sense of our social worlds and how environmental factors shape early social understanding.

There were two things that I found most enjoyable and rewarding from my degree. First, being introduced to all the different areas such as cognitive, biological, developmental and social psychology, and then learning how all these areas are inter-related, was very exciting. Secondly, in the process of learning about psychology I also learned how to be a scientist. This was incredibly exciting as it provided the vehicle for me to perform empirical research which attempts to address my own theoretical questions within developmental psychology.

I was attracted initially by the module options within the syllabus. I also realised that I was making a big step coming to university but having visited the campus and spoken to members of staff prior to arriving here in my first year I always felt that I would be making the right choice.

I have recently submitted my PhD at Lancaster University. My thesis was a critique of the widely held assertion within developmental psychology that infants have an adult-like Cartesian understanding of other people’s mental states. The work that I have produced in collaboration with my ex-supervisor at Lancaster has resulted in us developing an alternative theoretical account of infant ‘theory-of-mind’.

This work has also allowed me to travel to a number of international conferences in order to present my findings and our theoretical model. These last few years have been incredibly exciting for me as I am now working alongside and rubbing shoulders with internationally recognised leaders in my field, and beginning to establish my own theoretical model of infant social understanding. At present we are writing a number of empirical and theoretical papers which will be submitted for publication in high impact journals within the next few months. I am also writing further research grant applications so that I can continue with the work began during my PhD.

Obtaining my psychology degree at Edge Hill gave me the confidence in myself that is required to study at post-graduate and doctoral level. I must admit that I initially felt a little over-whelmed coming into higher education but by immersing myself into all aspect of study I gradually gained a belief that I had made the right choices by deciding to study psychology and by doing so at Edge Hill. Looking back I now feel that my time at Edge Hill is the bedrock for where I am today. It has provided me with a breadth of knowledge across a range of areas within psychology and taught me the skills required to become an active researcher in my chosen area.”

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