Study Abroad and Work Sandwich options

It is useful to consider, even before you apply, how you will spend your time while studying and make the most of your university experience.

As part of our dedication to providing meaningful student experiences, we integrate a number of key employability strategies both within our core curriculum as well as extra-curricular provision.

In addition, Study Abroad and Work Sandwich options are available on our undergraduate programmes, as well as the opportunity to undertake Language Learning as additional study modules to your course.

Study Abroad – you have the opportunity to apply to spend an additional year studying or working abroad. The opportunities at present are to spend a year (between Years 2 and 3) at:

1.       Belarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

2.       University of Caen, Normandy, France.

3.       Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

We also now have opportunities in Japan, Hong Kong and Macau, although these involve a competitive process across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS). For an overview of all the international institutions the university already supports please click Where can I go?.

See what our students have to say about their experiences of being on the study abroad here

Sandwich Year – you may have the opportunity to apply to complete a sandwich year placement as part of your programme (between Years 2 and 3) to gain highly relevant work experience. See what our students have to say about their experiences of being on a Sandwich Year placement here. Here is our Year-in-Industry Handbook  for opportunities.

Language Learning – you may be able to select language modules in French, Spanish or Mandarin, delivered at the Edge Hill Language Centre, as additional study.

Please note, the availability of these additional activities cannot be guaranteed for all students. Depending on availability and the number of students wanting to participate, there may be a competitive application process for sandwich year placements or study abroad opportunities or you may be required to secure a relevant placement yourself.

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