Psychology Year 12 Summer Residential

Each August the Department of Psychology is delighted to offer a Residential programme for students with a keen interest in pursuing Psychology at University. This is an exciting opportunity for students to apply for fully funded places and undertake university-level academic work, meet with current students and stay in our on-campus halls of residence.

For those students applying, the Residential will provide students with an insight into two main core areas within the study of Psychology. The first core area includes a Social Psychology Perspective which will enable students to explore non-verbal communication, and what our behavioural expressions reveal about the mind. The second core area includes Cognitive Psychology which introduces Eye-witness testimony, and the Psychology behind the accuracy of our memory in Forensic contexts. This is an exciting opportunity to explore why for example, failures in memory may lead us to make mistakes recalling a crime.

For full details, and how to apply, please click here.

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