Careers in Psychology

We aim to deliver a psychology degree that will afford students the skills necessary to give them the competitive edge in their chosen career paths. We therefore provide students with degrees that are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). This provides GBC (Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership), which is an essential qualification for those wishing to enter into professional post-graduate training programmes in areas such as Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Educational Psychology.

Here are some of the ways the specialist modules on our courses can help support you into professional training routes. Select the image below to see more.

Careers in work or occupational psychology pathway Careers in clinical psychology pathway Careers in educational psychology pathway Careers in forensic psychology pathway Careers in health psychology pathway








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Many psychology graduates also go on to pursue careers in a range of disciplines. Our graduates will have the useful skills needed for careers and further training in many fields and often go on to work in disciplines such as:

  • Research and Development
  • Health and Social Care
  • Marketing and PR
  • Management and Human Resources
  • Education
  • Public sector work

Careers day imageMany jobs are open to graduates of any degree discipline (although sometimes further study is required), such as research, management, media, teaching, finance, law, marketing and management consultancy. In these jobs personal qualities and transferable skills are the most significant factors, rather than the specific subject studied at degree level. There are also a number of graduate training schemes available, where a degree in Psychology puts graduates in a very good position.

Whatever your interest, we offer the support and excellent advice needed to set you on the right path through our dedicated careers service team.

Below are some useful links to get you started:

Careers in Psychology

The British Psychological Society offers great advice on careers in Psychology

Additionally, Higher Education Academy have recently produced a Psychology Student Employability Guide which we actively use within our curriculum to encourage effective skills assessment and career-planning.

Related Psychology Careers

A degree in Psychology will stand our students in good stead for a range of other careers. For example there are a number of companies that offer Graduate Training Schemes where a Psychology degree would be useful. Additionally, psychology graduates are very well suited to roles involving behavioural science, or public health interventions.

NHS graduates- NHS Graduate training for general manager/Human Resources manager

Careers at Unilever- Unilever Graduate training programs for Human Resources, Research and Development, Marketing

Careers at GSK- GlaxoSmithKline Opportunities for undergraduate work experience and graduate jobs and programmes in a variety of areas.

Gorilla– a product by Cauldron for creating and running online behavourial experiments. The work of companies such as Gorilla are well suited to the subject knowledge and skill-set of psychology graduates

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