EHU Psychology Students get blogging!

EHU Psychology, in collaboration with our regional partners, has been contributing to a blog, dedicated to sharing innovative ideas and opinions with regards to contemporary issues in psychology. PsychLiverpool is strongly supported by a network of student bloggers, researchers and teaching staff, to enable discussion and promote curiosity in the discipline, particularly for new or existing psychology students. […]

“Turn that frown upside-down!”

Research undertaken in the Department of Psychology at Edge Hill University, in collaboration with colleagues at Australian Catholic University has revealed new insight into the psychology of online emoticon usage, The research by Dr Helen Wall and Dr Linda Kaye explored why we use emoticons but more importantly, how this varies across different virtual environments. Their […]

Unconscious prejudice; Live on Therapycable Live

Professor Geoff Beattie recently did an interview with Dr Carlos Vazquez, the host of the new U.S. based daily 2 hour news talk show- Therapycable Live! which explores the many facets of human behavior such as “the mind of an athlete”, “what is consciousness ?”, “Psychology of a dictator”, “The mind of a terrorist”, and many more. Previous […]

Is it worth a quick look to spot cancer? Not necessarily!

Research undertaken in the Department of Psychology has explored the question about whether viewing a visual preview of a scene can aid subsequent eye movement performance and how our experience shapes where we look. Dr Damien Litchfield and colleagues undertook a series of experiments in which they showed flash-previews of visual stimuli (medical images or everyday […]

Don’t judge a (Face)book by its cover!

Research from the Department of Psychology has recently explored how we form impressions of others online, and how accurate these are. The research conducted by Dr Helen Wall, Dr Linda Kaye and former undergraduate students Demi Darbyshire and Charlotte Kirk has revealed new insights into how we make personality judgements based on online behaviours on Facebook. […]

The psychology of instant financial decisions

Professor Beattie has conducted a number of radio and press interviews on how the public often make instantaneous decisions about financial offers.  New research conducted by Barclays suggests that 61% of people make a decision about a financial offer in less than a second.  Professor Beattie says that to understand this, we need to consider […]

Mock Assessment Centre initiative is a glowing success

Final year students on our Work Psychology module recently took part in  a Mock Assessment Centre Day.  The Centre was designed and run in collaboration with external employers from Mersey Care, ARUP, Enterprise, as well as Edge Hill University’s own H.R and Careers Departments.  Our students completed application forms, took part in psychometric assessment, group […]