Is it worth a quick look? Not necessarily!

Research undertaken in the Department of Psychology has explored the question about whether viewing a visual preview can aid subsequent eye movement performance. Dr Damien Litchfield and colleagues undertook a series of experiments in which they showed flash-previews of visual stimuli and then asked observers to undertake visual searching tasks. In one experiment, they recruited both expert […]

Don’t judge a (Face)book by its cover!

Research from the Department of Psychology has recently explored how we form impressions of others online, and how accurate these are. The research conducted by Dr Helen Wall, Dr Linda Kaye and former undergraduate students Demi Darbyshire and Charlotte Kirk has revealed new insights into how we make personality judgements based on online behaviours on Facebook. […]

The psychology of instant financial decisions

Professor Beattie has conducted a number of radio and press interviews on how the public often make instantaneous decisions about financial offers.  New research conducted by Barclays suggests that 61% of people make a decision about a financial offer in less than a second.  Professor Beattie says that to understand this, we need to consider […]

Mock Assessment Centre initiative is a glowing success

Final year students on our Work Psychology module recently took part in  a Mock Assessment Centre Day.  The Centre was designed and run in collaboration with external employers from Mersey Care, ARUP, Enterprise, as well as Edge Hill University’s own H.R and Careers Departments.  Our students completed application forms, took part in psychometric assessment, group […]

Gender-related implicit bias in the Fire and Rescue Service

Professor Geoff Beattie contributed a keynote talk at a recent conference themed around “The Contribution Women make to a safer Staffordshire”, organised by the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. This conference presented a range of work, relevant for understanding the impact which these women make. The event involved talks on strategic decision making and planning to the […]

Putting the “cyber” in psychology

The British Psychological Society (BPS) is the regulating body of our psychology courses at Edge Hill University, and has a key influence on the curriculum being taught, However, because the subject of psychology changes through the times, the curriculum has to be kept current by psychology academics. In an attempt to introduce a new and […]

Body language and football managers

Professor Geoff Beattie recently joined BBC Sport to discuss how Jose Mourinho’s body language reveals more than what he says. Professor Beattie makes reference to a number of “tells”, including frequency of blinks, and head-shaking and how they offer some insight into what the football manager may be thinking. A short video of this commentary is available here

Rethinking Body Language

Professor Geoff Beattie’s new book; “Rethinking Body Language” is due to be published in March 2016. This book, building on the earlier ‘Visible Thought’, challenges all of the old assumptions about body language in the light of the most recent cutting-edge research, and presents a new theoretical perspective on this subject, with enormous implications for […]

Why digital games make us happy

Dr Linda Kaye joined BBC Radio 5 Live on 18th August to discuss why gaming makes us happy. Here, she discussed how viewing gaming through the perspective as enjoyable leisure, has obvious benefits for happiness and life satisfaction. Additionally, she highlighted the findings of her current research in showing how gaming functions positively on players’ sense of […]