the British Academy Summer ShowcaseProfessor Geoff Beattie has been invited to give a talk at the British Academy Summer Showcase on the evening of the 21st June. The aim of the event is to allow the British Academy ‘to present the best new Humanities and Social Sciences research to a wide public audience.’

The Academy’s annual Summer Soirée on the 21st will act a Private View of the Showcase and will feature exclusive talks from Fellows and friends of the Academy. The Soirée is for an invited VIP audience consisting of Parliamentarians, Directors of Cultural Institutions, Press, Funders, VCs, British Academy Fellows etc. Amongst the other speakers at the Summer Soirée are the economist Baron Nick Stern, the philosopher Baroness Onora O’Neill, Dame Lynne Brindley, Master of Pembroke College Oxford and former Chief Executive of the British Library, Darren Henley, Chief Executive of Arts Council England and Melvin Bragg.

Professor Beattie’s talk will be on ‘Why aren’t climate change messages getting through?’ Professor Beattie also spoke at a dinner at the British Academy on 16th May to showcase their Small Research Grant scheme to potential major donors in order to grow provision for the scheme. He spoke with three other former grant holders, a historian from Cambridge, a Professor of International Relations from SOAS and a philosopher from Liverpool, to highlight the breadth of research excellence funded by this particular scheme.

Professor Beattie says that he was absolutely delighted to be invited to present his work at such distinguished gatherings and to represent Edge Hill University at these events.