Jade Streete
BSc (Hons) Psychology, 2015

Jade Streete

Throughout her time at Edge Hill, Jade made the most of her experience by taking advantage of the opportunities provided to her. She participated in the research internship scheme which enriched her student experience and enhanced her skills of working as part of a professional research team.

Jade graduated in 2015 after completing an outstanding final year dissertation which explored the relationship between attachment styles and emotion regulation.

Determined to continue studying Psychology and by working incredibly hard during her degree, Jade was able to gain a place at Nottingham Trent University. Through her continuous hard work and dedication, she is currently in her second year of studying for her PhD in Psychology.

“This PhD training will enable Jade to stand out above the crowd in the highly competitive employment market and enable her to continue to explore the fascinating world of Psychology.”

Dr Helen Wall, Department of Psychology