Thomas Leatherbarrow
BSc (Hons) Psychology, 2015

Thomas Leatherbarrow

Tom took advantage of the opportunities available to him whilst studying at Edge Hill by participating in the research internship scheme provided by the Department of Psychology. The scheme offers a unique experience for students in working as part of a professional research team. He took on a key role in data collection, through administering research procedures to participants and assisting with the reporting of results.

After graduation, Tom knew he wanted to take up a graduate opportunity here at Edge Hill, and since then has been named as a co-author on two research papers which have been published in prestigious scientific journals.

“Not only did his experience as a research intern provide Tom with a good foundation for the completion of his own dissertation, and his degree as a whole, but for his work as a research intern, Tom also received the award for Edge Hill University Student Employee of the Year on campus for 2016.”

Dr Alex Balani, Department of Psychology