Dr Linda Kaye giving a talk at TEDx ViennaDr Linda Kaye recently represented Edge Hill University at the TEDxVienna “On The Edge” Conference, at the Volkstheater, Vienna. The conference comprised a range of invited speakers who presented their cutting-edge ideas on the role of technology and science in society.

Dr Kaye presented her insights on “What your emoji says about you”; enthusing audiences on how different emoji may help us make accurate first impressions of each other in online communication. Specifically, she drew on her research conducted in the Department of Psychology with Dr Helen Wall and with external partner Dr Stephanie Malone (Australia Catholic University). The research entailed obtaining measures of personality and emoji behaviour in a sample of Facebook users, in which a group of naïve observers were then asked to make a personality impression of them. According to their findings, Kaye and colleagues report that emoji may help us understand other people’s levels of open-mindedness; a trait which is otherwise difficult to judge at first impression in the “real world”.

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