I’m a full-time professional dancer now which is all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

Taking part in a dance workshop while studying at Edge Hill has led graduate and Chancellor’s Scholar Theo Fapohunda to his dream job as a professional dancer.

Theo works for Company Chameleon, a Manchester-based dance theatre company with a mission statement; to use dance as a method for social change through everything from touring performances and choreography to running workshops and launching social outreach projects. Theo has now brought his expertise back to Edge Hill to deliver a workshop to the current cohort of dance students.

“So far I’ve had some experience in every arm of the company, I’ve performed across Europe, led workshops like the one I delivered for the Edge Hill students, and I’ve worked on social outreach projects across a wide range of age groups.”

It was through studying at Edge Hill that Theo first came into contact with Company Chameleon after they ran one of their workshops for dance students. After attending he took part in a Company Chameleon open professional class and successfully auditioned for a Postgraduate Apprenticeship Scheme with the dance company.

“After I finished the apprenticeship I was invited to audition for the Company Dancer job and was thrilled when I found out I’d been successful – I’m a full-time professional dancer now which is all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

In 2015 Theo travelled across Europe with Company Chameleon performing in Spain, Sweden and Italy as part of the cross-border Dancing Partners series, as well as performing around the UK as part of a festival tour which saw him dance at the Edinburgh Fringe, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, and at Glasgow Merchant City Festival.

“Company Chameleon are great to work for, they’ve invested generously in my development and highly value all of their dancers and collaborators,” he said. “They’re also involved in a lot of social outreach programmes which have been really rewarding to be involved in; I’ve delivered workshops to young people from deprived areas and elderly people who value dance or just dance as a recreational activity to keep fit. It’s heart-warming to be a part of a team who find contribution to communities a priority.”

“Studying Dance at Edge Hill really prepared me for life as a professional. At the time I started the course my main interest was performance, but they spend a lot of energy and resources emphasising the importance of being multi-skilled by introducing various facets to the course and encouraging you to be a jack of all trades.”

“The course was great, the tutors would regularly organise professional dance companies to come in and deliver workshops. By the end of the course I felt confident in my ability and that I had all of the necessary foundations to experience the life of a professional that awaited me.”

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