Hopefully this course will be the perfect stepping stone towards a job in marketing.

“As a marketing student I’ve done a lot on the theory of marketing, but not as much practical work as I’d like if I am to secure a job in sports retail. I know that I need more work experience and to broaden my horizons, so the Agent Academy programme, with the opportunity to work with actual clients and do real research, was ideal.

Meeting and speaking to local business leaders and entrepreneurs has been the highlight so far. They all have interesting stories and I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of research, the psychology of managing yourself, maintaining a positive frame of mind and the need to really push yourself if you are to achieve.

They also emphasised the value in doing voluntary work and getting relevant experience, which is exactly what I’m doing. I’m looking forward to meeting more business people over the coming weeks as one of my personal aims for the programme is to expand my network.

My team working skills have definitely been enhanced during the programme and I’m also a better communicator. I’ve also learnt where I’ve got skills gaps and areas I can improve upon which is really important. I’m enjoying putting into practice the things I’ve learnt during my degree, so hopefully this programme will be the perfect stepping stone towards a job in marketing.”