Reuben Austin

This is a really fulfilling course where I am developing the skills and contacts I’ll need for a career in musical theatre.

“Edge Hill University was one of the few universities I found which offered a Musical Theatre degree. It also came highly recommended by a friend, so I was keen to come and study here.

The facilities here are incredible. The course content is also excellent, with a lot of options and flexibility with modules. This has allowed me to focus on musical theatre, dance and drama, and I’d advise everyone to take dance as you will need it at some point. Song writing is my thing and the course has helped me to understand the theory behind music, particularly musical theatre, which has improved my writing a lot.

Our tutors have been in a wide range of musicals, they are amazingly experienced and founts of wisdom. If you look on their websites you can see they were in shows like Les Misérables and Into The Woods. This experience definitely helps us. You learn a lot from them, like tips for getting into vocal settings that were learnt doing Les Mis, but it also gives you faith in what they’re teaching you.

They also have industry links that benefit us. Last year a Manchester dance company approached, asking for people to take part in their performance of Elf. I got the part of Elf’s dad (James Caan in the movie!), which was a great experience and good for my CV. Tutors also send you casting opportunities they think will suit your voice and skills. There is a lot of academic and industry support if you want it.

I’m working with a good group of students and we have really approachable tutors who it is important to listen to as they really know their subject. Overall, this is a really fulfilling course where I’m developing the skills and contacts I’ll need for a career in musical theatre.”

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