When your tutorials cover innovative topics that other Universities don’t and those studying elsewhere are highlighting the fact, you know you’ve chosen the right degree course.

That’s what happened to Matt Robinson who graduated from Edge Hill University with a Masters of Computing in Software Application Development in 2016.

He’d actually signed up for a degree in web development, which had been his passion since he was a teenager, but realised by the end of his first year that it was software development which really captured his attention. He took the decision to change courses – and enjoyed his new challenge so much he decided to progress to Masters Level.

“I had the support of my tutors,” says Matt, “so it didn’t really feel like a big step.”

“That’s one of the great things about Edge Hill – there is an open door policy. You can knock at any time and ask a question and, if that tutor doesn’t have that specialism, they always find someone who does.

“I’d recommend the University and the course to anyone, which is why I loved working at Open Days while I was a student and am now involved in the University’s Careers Fairs.”
Matt says Edge Hill’s campus lifestyle suited him perfectly, and was one of the main reasons he chose to study there in the first place. Another plus, which has helped steer his career choices, was the University’s links with big business.

He adds:

“We got involved in things like Hackathons, where companies like Barclays and TalkTalk come up with a challenge or a live project which computing students collaborate on. It’s really good experience for them. Most universities have relationships with the big companies but it’s something Edge Hill take really seriously. It works two ways – the businesses get the pick of the best students, and the graduates get to know who’s out there.”

It was via an Edge Hill Careers Fair that Matt met his employer, Avecto, a software security company, where he now works as an automated tester, finding the bugs in software for clients like banks and accounting companies.

“My advice is to get as much work experience as you can before you graduate,” says Matt. “A degree plus experience trumps just a degree every time. Take every opportunity that is offered to you.”

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