“Edge Hill helped me gain the knowledge and experience that is vital for my day to day job.”

After graduating from Edge Hill with a degree in Computing, Martin McCaslin began working at the UK’s largest business partner of the software giant Sage, Datel, where he does everything from fixing bugs to creating new products.

“I work as a Developer in the Research and Development team, where my day to day tasks can vary quite a bit. We support the current suite of software that the team has developed, whether it’s by supporting new additions or fixing bugs.

“I was lucky enough to start working on new features and fixes from day one. This gave me a lot of confidence early on because the training was all based upon actual products and customers who benefitted from my work right away. My role has now adapted more and I am able to use some of my mobile development skills to start working on a new product for the team.

“I really enjoy my job and this is mainly down to the great working environment and the dynamics within my team. The people who work at Datel are really easy to get along with and promote such an inviting and supportive atmosphere, which really shows in the fast development of the graduates they take on.

“During my time at Edge Hill I was given opportunities to get involved in challenges which I embraced, as it helped me develop the confidence to build a rapport with businesses in the computing industry who look to recruit graduates.

“The best advice I have from my own experience is make sure you take away constructive feedback from interviews and start gathering experience early on in your degree.”