Maegan Cleary

 “There’s a massive list of job options available for anyone taking this course.

“It was only when I arrived at Edge Hill University that my dyslexia was picked up. My tutors spotted the issue and sent me for testing, so now I get one-to-one support from a specialist at the learning centre. As a result, my grades have improved from around 40% to over 70%. This fits with what I had heard about Edge Hill before I came here and one of my reasons for choosing this University: it is strong on equality and help and support is available for everyone.

When I first came here I thought that I wanted to be a primary school teacher as I already teach dance and love going into schools, but this course has definitely opened up my horizons. The modules are really diverse and I have especially loved the placements. Across my two schools I have seen lots of different roles in action, teaching assistant, pastoral care worker, SEND (special educational needs and disability) coordinator, as well as teaching.

Alongside the great careers advice we have received it has made me realise that there’s a massive list of job options available for anyone taking this course. I’m now thinking about going into pastoral care with vulnerable children.

The teaching here suits my dyslexia. Rather than someone standing at the front, our classes are informal, fun and interactive. Trips to other settings like museums and galleries always link to the classroom but give a different perspective, and this all fits my learning style. The lack of exams suits me as well. Assessment is by coursework and means that it’s not all focused on one exam; it’s the three years that count.”

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