Luke Swain

“My mentor is from Edge Hill and his dedication, motivation and approach to continuous learning and developing is a trait I have tried to adopt throughout my journey.”

After graduating from Edge Hill University with a BSC (Hons) Business and Management and an MBA, Luke Swain founded his own business, online fitness apparel store Merakilo, with his friend and fellow graduate, Luke Jones.

Luke said:

“The word Merakilo is derived from the combination of Meraki and Kilogram. Meraki, in Greek, means to do something you love with soul and creativity and Kilogram is a unit of measurement you use at the gym.

“The best part of my job is that I have the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life and get an understanding of the beliefs and values they have obtained from their fitness journey. Understanding these factors not only gives me job satisfaction but allows Merakilo as a brand to develop.

“Fitness and individuals’ reasons to attend the gym was my dissertation topic and I found myself completely engrossed in it after months of planning, researching and writing. I approached my old friend Luke Jones and explained my business idea, and he shared my belief that we could put our degrees to the test.

“During my time at Edge Hill I realised that if you have a teacher in life that you admire and respect, you will learn more about topics outside of the curriculum and they will become a mentor and role model, something every individual needs. While studying for a BSc and an MBA I gained much more than two qualifications, I gained skills and knowledge that I will be able to use in the future.

“To any current students that want to set up their own business I would say that becoming complacent is the worst mistake you can ever make. Continuous change within the business environment is a must to keep up with the ever-changing external factors.”

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