Open, friendly, welcoming and inspirational… They’re just a few of the reasons Liam Kinsella chose Edge Hill University for his degree.

Liam returned to the campus in 2016 to speak to current students, and advise them on how to bag a graduate job at the annual Graduate Careers Fair, hosted on campus by the Careers Team. He graduated from a Business Management course in 2015 and says he is happy to be one of the Edge Hill’s advocates as his experience surpassed all his expectations.

He was also wowed by the University campus, despite choosing not to live in Halls as he had his family home in nearby Aintree to go back to.

“I wanted a local university,” says Liam, “I didn’t want to move away – but as soon as I walked on to the campus and realised what a nice atmosphere it had, I knew this was where I wanted to study.

“I decided not go to university straight from Sixth Form and went to work for a shipping line for a couple of years. I was involved in quite a lot of business administration work there and saw how they were adopting different business models. I wanted to learn more and relate it to what I had done while working for the company, which is why I chose a Business Management degree.

“That is what a course at Edge Hill is all about – real life. The debates were really good and enjoyable, and the University prepares you for your career. You can spot an Edge Hill graduate – they know how to behave in the workplace where others seem to take more time to adjust. The University really helps you develop your work experience, as well as your employability skills, and you have confidence in your ability to present.”

“The tutors are just upstairs if you need to knock on their door, and they take an interest in your life outside of the University. I really liked that openness.”

Liam is now working for construction giant Carillion in a Human Resources role. He’s on a prestigious graduate scheme which sees him working in every part of the company, from managing restructuring strategies to assisting business growth.

Liam adds:

“I’m now doing some postgraduate study, funded by my employers, and if they hadn’t had a course set up with another university I would have gone back to Edge Hill tomorrow. You will struggle to find a better campus and better lecturers anywhere in the UK.”

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