Katherine Mullaney

I gained a lot of practical skills and found that the theory I had covered in class just clicked.

“I chose Child Health and Wellbeing as a stepping-stone to becoming a midwife and I think it was a good option for me. Actually, the degree would be a good opportunity for anyone who wants to work with children in their future, whether that’s in teaching, social work, midwifery or youth work.

The modules can be tailored to your specific interests, so I was able to expand my knowledge in areas like child health, nutrition and breastfeeding. There are a lot of assignments to complete so I would recommend focusing on something that really interests you, or applies to your future career, to get the most from the course.

Complementary therapies was probably my favourite part of the degree. I learnt a lot about techniques in aromatherapy, acupuncture, mindfulness and yoga, which are therapies that are increasingly recognised as being helpful during pregnancy and birth.

My placement, which was at a children’s centre in Southport, was excellent as well. I followed a community midwife and cared for the babies in the nursery. I gained a lot of practical skills and found that the theory I had covered in class just clicked. I realised just how I could apply it.

I found the course to be quite theory based but the tutors all have a lot of professional experience, so they can always bring to life the situations you might come across. As an example, the child mental health module is taught by a mental health nurse.

I am about to start a midwifery degree and I’m not sure that I’d have got a place on such a competitive course without the experience of this degree. I’ve expanded my knowledge of child health and have three years of skills and confidence to draw on which I’m sure will be of real benefit to me in the future.”

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