As far as Kate Walsh is concerned, one of the advantages of her current HR advisory role is that the job allows her to keep in touch with her former university via recruitment strategies. What’s more, as she puts it, “I love that I’m always made to feel very welcome at Edge Hill … even though I graduated nearly 10 years ago!”

Her role at Fairbanks Environmental is definitely varied.

“Every single day is different,” Kate said. “I deal with the full employment cycle of all employees – starting with recruitment, through to induction, then on to engagement and wellbeing. I also run payroll at Fairbanks, a very important part of my role – I wouldn’t live it down if I ever got this wrong!”

Kate clearly puts a lot into her role, dealing with all manner of employee relations and ensuring she “takes the time to get to know all of our staff members.”

Her company’s recently been acquired by the Dover group, and it’s a move she’s embraced.

“This has allowed my role to expand into working closely with the HR director of Europe, Middle East and Africa, via our in-house HR director, which has been very interesting and really improved my understanding of the corporate HR world. But the most enjoyable part of my role is the people – I am definitely a people person and feel that this role allows me to get to know our employees on a personal as well as a professional level.”

Talking  about her studies in Ormskirk, she added:

“I loved my time at Edge Hill and met some amazing people. I definitely picked up some invaluable life skills while studying, in particular time-management skills – there are many projects I have to complete in my day-to-day role, many of which have very tight deadlines. I feel I learnt to prioritise work during my time at Edge Hill, as there were often several assignments that needed to be handed in around the same time, and I needed to make sure I was working on the correct assignment at the right time. I have brought this skill forward into my work life, meaning I can prioritise my workload and ensure I’m hitting my targets within given deadlines.”

Would she consider encouraging today’s Edge Hill undergraduates to follow in her footsteps? And if so, what words of wisdom might she offer?

“Working in HR is absolutely brilliant, and I would definitely recommend it. You don’t necessarily even have to have a degree in HR – as I’ve proved, having graduated in criminology and social psychology, only going on to attain my level three and five in CIPD once I’d completed my degree. My advice would be to work hard on your degree and prove to potential employers you have the right attitude, dedication and determination to become successful in whatever you choose to do!”