Julian Bucknall credits not only his degree from Edge Hill but also working part-time for the University in between his studies with preparing him for the graduate job market.

“I started working in the Technology suite at Edge Hill part-time while I was studying for my degree. I was working on the help desk, offering support to other students, which gave me valuable experience in how theory is applied to the real world, as well as bringing out life skills which I could reference at interviews when I started applying for graduate jobs.”

After working in a number of technical and leadership roles for the global banking firm, Julian secured his current role of Colleague Engagement Manager where he leads initiatives to engage and enthuse the tens of thousands of people responsible for technology at Barclays around the world.

“Technology is such a critical factor of everything we do at Barclays so we need a highly motivated workforce to deliver great products and services for our customers.  My role is focussed on leading events and initiatives which allow colleagues to learn new skills and experiences relevant to the work they do for Barclays, and the wider technology industry.

Julian has kept in touch with the University since graduation, speaking to current students, attending Graduate Recruitment Fairs, and putting current students to the test as part of the team which brings the Barclays Technology Challenge to Edge Hill each year and involves students working on a live project, pitching ideas, solutions and project plans to a panel of expert judges.

“The Barclays Technology Challenge is a great example of the kind of opportunities now available to students to gain a level of knowledge and experience needed to thrive in the graduate job market.

“I’d advise any current students seeking graduate jobs in Computing and Technology to really look beyond the boundaries of the theory. You need to consider how industries are actually applying the theories you are learning about and how I.T. is managed as a service. It’s about demonstrating to employers the value-add from your experience at University and outside your core studies.

“When presented with hundreds of job applications, employers will filter them by searching for evidence of interesting experiences, evidence of part-time working, or ways in which you have taken the opportunity to get involved in events relevant to the career you’re interested in, so make the most of those opportunities before you graduate.”

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