Humera Patel

One of the great things about this course is that it offers you a wide range of career options.

“I love my course! Before I started at Edge Hill I thought I’d just come to university, attend a lecture and then go home, but this is so much better than I expected. Our lectures are genuinely fun, the topics are really interesting and we get to discuss issues and voice our own opinions.

The course also takes you outside of the lecture theatre. We’ve already taken trips to London and Amsterdam and will be visiting Budapest next year. These trips have definitely given me a really different perspective on life.

In Amsterdam we visited a nursery that was so different to those in the UK. The children there are encouraged to do what they want in a free yet supportive atmosphere. We also attended talks on youth offending and prostitution in the city which were both really eye opening.

I’ve found the course tutors to be very supportive, their doors are always open and they genuinely want to get to know and encourage you. I’ve been the student representative for our course so I’ve met with our lecturers and head of department outside of the classroom and found this to be a good experience.

Another great thing about this course is that it offers you a wide range of career options. While teaching is still a possibility for me I’m actually thinking about social work or something within the criminal justice system.

One of my elective modules involved a 60-hour placement at the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing, a community health charity, which I’ve really enjoyed. This practical aspect of the course, together with the youth-focused modules, has given me a valuable in-depth knowledge of the area I want to enter once I graduate.”

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