Elliot Rodgers never imagined his placement at the Walton Centre in Liverpool would lead to a rewarding job as a Software Developer, and the chance to see his work being used to help patients at the acclaimed neurology hospital.

“My connection to the Walton Centre started when I was placed there for my sandwich year. I was tasked with updating their patient record system, transferring records from paper to electronic files. I really enjoyed it, and they asked me to stay on to work on another project, so I ended up working there part-time during my studies. When I graduated, I had already been working for the Walton Centre for two-and-a-half years so moving to a full-time position seemed like a natural progression.

“Since joining the Walton Centre I have worked on developing several projects that bring tangible benefits to staff and patients. These include integrating the EMIS system that GPs use to record patients’ details into the Centre’s system so that staff immediately know what medication patients are on when they are admitted, and a new order communication system to order tests and scans for patients. I’m also responsible for on-going system improvements and sorting out any technical problems that staff might have.

“The best thing about my job is that there is always work to do to improve things and I’m constantly learning new skills and experiencing different development languages. I also get a lot of satisfaction from seeing the systems I’ve worked on in action on the wards.

“I’m now involved in helping the Walton Centre recruit more Computing students. People tend to think of us as a recruiter of nurses, so it’s good to go to recruitment fairs and show that we don’t just need medical staff. I recently attended the Computing Careers Fair at Edge Hill and it was nice to see lots of familiar faces and promote the work we do at the Walton Centre.

“I was the first sandwich student from Edge Hill at the Centre and now I manage another sandwich student from the University, supporting them to get the most from their placement, so I feel like I’ve come full circle.”

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