Dongni Liang

Agent Academy Programme - MBA Business Administration

The course is a really good way for overseas students to engage with British firms and contacts.

“I want to work in the arts in some capacity once I finish my MBA, and saw the Agent Academy programme as a good opportunity to expand my local network while getting some practical marketing experience. It also dovetails well with my MBA. So far, I am very impressed and have recommended the programme to friends.

Agent Academy is based in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool city centre, and just being in and around the creative industries is a good experience for anyone wanting to work in the sector. Generally, the programme is a really good way for overseas students to engage with British firms and contacts, as it can be hard to develop these links.

The programme is quite intensive. You work 9-5, three days per week, so it feels like you are going to a proper job. Being in the work environment has also helped me to understand the British way of life and working culture more. Things like the work/life balance and meaning of leadership are very different in China!

I have also learnt a lot on the programme. I admit that I was not much of a teamwork person when I started, but I have learnt to enjoy it. I have also got a lot from the guest speakers, some of whom have been really inspiring and will answer any questions about their career paths, strategies and ambitions. My marketing knowledge has definitely increased on the programme and I’m really enjoying it.”