By his own admission, Dominic Aldridge wasn’t sure where he was headed while studying for a degree, but the transferable skills he gained and the support of his university mentors proved key.

Dominic works for Liverpool-based Milexa, a market leader in bespoke mural wallpaper and flooring, his opportunity to join them presenting itself at an Edge Hill career fair.

“After trying a few different avenues, I decided to use the careers centre. You can’t expect them to miraculously point you in the direction you’re destined for, but they helped get me on the right path, to go back for a Masters in computing.

“I met my company’s MD at a computing careers fair in the tech hub, a great opportunity to talk to potential employers, with a decent variety of companies involved. Milexa really took my eye. I exchanged details and remained in contact until I got the job, which was before I even finished my Masters.”

Running the firm’s wallpaper section with a small team, he ensures customer orders are printed on time and to the highest quality, overcoming varied challenges with technical equipment and suppliers, and afforded ‘great responsibility and trust’.

“I really enjoy my job – it’s challenging and rewarding to be the engine of the business. The company is incredible, the opposite of corporate, with the people amazing and the vibe relaxed yet dedicated.”

So what’s Dominic’s advice to students, not least those still trying to decide which career path to take?

“Like many students, I didn’t know what I wanted. I’ve a degree in Psychology and Masters in Computing, now I’m producing wallpaper! If you know what you want to do, you’ve won half the battle.

“Then get your face out there, try to meet potential employers, be confident, genuine, and do your homework about companies. Don’t let a friend speak for you, even if you’re shy. Try to understand what you want from a job, and find the right company for you. It’ll make daily life much more enjoyable!”

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