Studying at Edge Hill has led to an enterprising career for Marketing and Communications alumnus Dean Currall.

Dean has graduated twice from Edge Hill, in 2009 with a BA (Hons) In Media, Film and TV Production, and again in 2012 with an MA in Marketing and Communications, as well as representing the Students’ Union as Vice-President in 2009 and President in 2010.

“I really felt part of something at Edge Hill, people say Edge Hill gets to you – it’s probably why I was so reluctant to leave! Coming from a small countryside town it was great to come to and study at a University with such a sense of community.”

“Being elected to the Students’ Union was a valuable experience. I had the opportunity to be part of the Union at a time when we were developing it into what it is today. I was part of the team securing more funding, developing The Hub and making the case for online assessments. I was even the last President to be in the old Students’ Union office – I wish we’d had the new modern offices while I was there!”

After working for Porsche Dean set up his own company, Verb Marketing in 2014, deciding he wanted to focus on the part of his job he found most rewarding.

“I was working full-time when I first set up Verb and was finding more and more that it was the marketing side of my job which I really loved and had the most flair for.”

Focusing on offering affordable marketing for companies, and an innovative system of offering their services on a 30 day rolling basis, in just three years, Verb has gone from being run out of Dean’s spare room to having its own city centre office, 50 UK clients and building 120 websites in 18 months.

“Verb offers a full marketing service for businesses. Whether it’s developing a website or an app, running email campaigns, improving their search engine ranking or taking on responsibility for the whole of the business’ marketing, we find that we can offer something for clients of any size.”

“My overall aim for Verb is for us to be the biggest marketing agency in the country, and to be the best possible employer so that people want to stay and work here for 30 years. ”

“My advice to current students who want to set up their own business or to work in marketing, is to work smarter not just harder. I don’t think there’s an easy answer to being successful but with everything you do in your working life I think it’s important to have objectives, a strategy and a plan and always refer back to the question – why are you doing what you’re doing and what is your eventual aim? Set up small milestones which move you closer to your ultimate goal and question if everything you do is leading towards where you want to be.”

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