I’m definitely benefitting from being on the programme and I’m enjoying it as well.

“I’m not sure what I want to do once I graduate, but know that I need more practical experience if I’m to get a job. That’s why I signed up for the Agent Academy Programme.

The talks from the business leaders have been especially interesting. As you listen to their life stories you can really see their enthusiasm and passion, and that stays with me. It is also reassuring to hear that pretty much all of them were once at the same stage as me, with no real idea what they wanted to do, but that each found their own different path.

Hearing how each of them is involved in marketing but in very different ways has also opened up lots of job options for me. You don’t think that places like the Liverpool Women’s Hospital need marketing but they do. There are lots of potential career paths I’d not considered.

It also helps that all of the speakers have been really approachable. You can ask questions at the time and know that you can contact them in future. For this reason alone the programme has been invaluable. You would not meet these people otherwise.

The Agent Academy office environment is also really welcoming and friendly. Since being there I’ve learnt how much work goes into every aspect of what they do. For example, I was really surprised how much time client communications takes. This is knowledge you only get ‘on the job’.

I’m definitely benefitting from being on the programme and I’m enjoying it as well. I’m more confident in myself, and my presentation skills have definitely improved as a result. My ability to research and plan a strategy is also a lot better. Hopefully all of these unique experiences and my practical knowledge will set me apart when I apply for jobs.”