“Edge Hill was an amazing hub of inspiring peers and tutors. Everyone felt like family and I am forever grateful for the confidence the community gave me and my art.”

“As a Scenographer and Artist I devise and exhibit sculptures, video art and performance, and host residencies and workshops about women’s rights, both internationally and throughout the north of England.

“My practice varies from performance and interdisciplinary arts, to visual theatre and critical costume design and research. I love creating immersive and visual works to encourage discourse within communities. It’s great to see my art used in an interactive and engaging way in galleries or on stage.

“My independent research and practice is heavily themed around gender, the body and femininity, however my scenographic research and practice supports visual theatre and circus groups and companies. The people I get to work with and the things I get to curate make my job so much fun.

“Edge Hill introduced fresh and original ways of being a practitioner which continues to benefit my journey in the art world and further academia. The tutors have exciting ambitions which support the contemporary and practice-led environment which I enjoyed working in so much.

“Since graduating in 2014, Edge Hill has remained a safe and supportive place where I still feel welcome. I have been offered many opportunities within the Performing Arts department including collaborations on production design projects and the chance to present at conferences and exhibits internationally. Whenever I feel lost or unsure of my independent practice I know I can visit a former tutor for advice and encouraging words, or even go and buy and coffee in The Arts Centre’s Red Bar and sit and watch the students juggle, hoop, sing, and make art to inspire me.

“For students who want to get into the Arts, take on opportunities that are out of your comfort zone. Gain as much experience as you can so you can soak up new knowledge, learn about what you enjoy, and network as much as possible with people and places.”