Studying at Edge Hill has led Excellence Scholar Christine Hatton to a successful career in Set and Costume Design.

Christine graduated in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Design for Performance after discovering her passion for set design while working on the set of Hollyoaks and Grange Hill.

“I was working for Lime Pictures and realised that my passion lay in designing sets and costumes. You have a real sense of creative freedom with set design which I loved.

“I chose the course at Edge Hill because the Department of Performing Arts integrate the students from different courses into each other’s projects, so it feels like you’re working on a professional production. If you were working on set design you’d work with actors from the drama courses on their production to plan out your design. You have to explain why you’ve chosen the set design in that particular way and deal with any questions they have, which is exactly what you’ll be facing once you graduate.”

Christine made the most of her time at Edge Hill. She worked with Liverpool’s Lantern Company, attended the inaugural Critical Costume event in 2013, and she was awarded the On-Course Excellence Scholarship for her dedication to her studies.

Since graduating Christine has worked on countless professional productions on set design, costume design, was chosen to undertake an apprenticeship with Liverpool’s Lantern Company and even worked as the Creative Consultant for Edge Hill’s very own end of year Exclaim production in 2015.

“Working on Exclaim was my first commission as a Creative Consultant. I was working with students on everything relating to design, from costumes and mannequins to the set itself.

“I’ve spent the past two years working with the London-based About Turn theatre company on their opera at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which was really well reviewed. I was also invited back to exhibit at the 2015 Critical Costume event in Helsinki which was a fantastic honour.”

“One of the best things about studying at Edge Hill were the tutors, I could not have completed my degree without them. They taught me how to think critically as a designer and how to back up my ideas theoretically, while still creating strong designs that visually communicate on their own.”

For anyone interested in set design, Christine’s advice is to approach every project creatively and to be prepared to make mistakes and to grow and learn from them.

“To be a designer, you need to be able to be creative, and explore what it is you want to achieve without always fixating on the marks you receive. Ultimately it’s about being passionate about your subject and not being afraid to make mistakes – they will make you a better designer.”

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