Alison Hunt

Finding no job too small led Communication and Media Studies graduate Alison Hunt from Edge Hill University to the cobbles of Coronation Street.

After graduating from the University Alison worked in radio, as a journalist for the BBC, and as a stay at home Mum before deciding she wanted to embark on a career in TV.

“Every time I’ve ever wanted to work in a new job, or break into a new career, I’ve started shadowing someone already in that job and volunteering to build experience, so that’s exactly what I did when I decided I wanted to work for Coronation Street.”

“After contacting the ITV offices I was given a chance to cover the Researcher role for a few weeks. In my first day on the job I had to ring Vets and find ways to kill Schmeichel the dog – I cried for the whole day, I felt completely out of my depth. But I kept going back in each morning, even though everyone around me couldn’t understand why, I knew this was the career I wanted and it was worth going through.”

Since starting out as a voluntary researcher, Alison has climbed the ranks at the iconic soap to the role of Script Editor, which sees her working with the star-studded cast on a daily basis.

“I work really closely with the Writers on developing the stories, making sure the dialogue flows, getting the script ready for the shoot and making sure that the timings for the scenes fit our 22 minute time-slot. Once we’re on the shoot I have to be on hand to work with the cast if there are any dialogue changes, explaining parts of the script and doing quick re-writes if there are any last minute edits.

“There’s lots of long hours and late nights reviewing scripts but I love it and the social side is great, I work with the cast on a regular basis, I worked on the recent Corrie Live episode and have been to the TV Choice awards.

“I think for anyone wanting to break into the TV industry, or any other industry for that matter, it’s important to get your foot in the door and be eager once you do. Start at the bottom and have enough faith in your ability to work your way up. It’s important to be persistent to get your first opportunity and then make yourself invaluable, find out what everyone does, be friendly, don’t be too proud to spend the first few days making cups of tea, and don’t listen to people when they question why you’re doing it – say yes to the opportunities that comes your way and take a chance.”

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