Unlike me, not many new graduates can say ‘I was a marketing intern and here is my portfolio’.

“I actually have some practical experience – I was a one-man marketing department for a charity – but found that without a marketing background and professional guidance I could only achieve so much. The Agent Academy opportunity is giving me the practical marketing tools, real world experience and support I need for a career in the industry.

I have taken a lot of reassurance from the speakers on the programme. We’ve met some really inspirational people who have a lot of life experience, and you sometimes need someone like that to tell you that you are on the right path towards a career. Meeting and talking to successful people also gives you a lot of confidence.

The hands-on work, for example, creating university applicant profiles and researching companies with university links, has been a lot of fun and I’m really excited about creating the final product. Practical tasks have helped me develop research and communications skills in a live setting. Also, just being in the Agent Academy office environment has been a learning experience – seeing how professional people behave and function is interesting.

I am sure that both the real world experience and my new skills will help me find employment. Most new graduates will be relying on three years of assignments and lectures to get a job. Unlike me, not many can say ‘I was a marketing intern and here is my portfolio’.”