Research Funding


TitleAuthorFunding Body / AwardDate
Pilot and evaluation of the Carer's Alert Thermometer adapted for carers of stroke survivors (CAT-S) and development of a bid to conduct a trial of CAT across long-term and progressive conditions.Professor Mary O'Brien; Dr Katherine Knighting; Emmie MaleweziLiverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) RCF


TitlePrinciple InvestigatorCo-applicantsFunding Body / AwardDate
Respite care and short breaks for young adults with life limiting / complex health and/or complex physical disability needs (LLDNs): Mixed-method systematic review and conceptual framework developmentProfessor Sally SpencerProfessor Barbara Jack, Professor Brenda Roe, Dr Lucy Bray, Dr Katherine Knighting, Michelle Maden, Julie Downing, Ceu Mateus, Jane NoyesNational Institute for Health Research, Health Services Delivery ResearchAugust 2017
Developing a patient self-management programme for bronchiectasisDr Carol KellyProfessor Sally Spencer, Professor Ella Pereira, Dr Dave Lynes, Hayley McKenzie, Professor Janelle York, Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall, Dr Matt Hodson, Ian Kenworthy, Alison ClarkRIFJune 2017
To explore and understand the impact of austerity on participation in NHS-funded health education programmes in Higher EducationDr Vicky DuckworthProfessor Liz ThomasRITA - Bournemouth UniversityJune 2017
The Visual Diary - A Memoir of Recovery and RehabilitationDr Ardhendu BeheraDr Huaizhong, Professor Mary O'Brien, Mr Bakul SoniRITAMay 2017
Following up patients after hip replacement: Identification of mechanical changes in gait and daily activities in individuals with well functioning but loose, and symptomatic and loose total hip-replacement.Dr Ben LangleyProfessor Paola Dey, Professor Ella Pereira, Dr Julie Kirby, Dr Richard Page, Professor Tim Board, Mr Chris Walton, Dr Mary Cramp, Dr Stewart MorrisonRITAMay 2017
What are the experiences of patients with mild Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), and their family caregivers of rehabilitation following hospital discharge?Dr Alex BalaniProfessor Barbara Jack, Laura Taylor, Suzanne SimpsonRITAMay 2017
Invest in Yourself - Development of a health and well-being initiative for North West Ambulance ServiceDr Kathleen MooneyNorth West Ambulance ServiceMarch 2017


TitlePrinciple InvestigatorCo-applicantsFunding BodyDate
Research for Respiratory Care: The Establishment of a Research ConsortiumDr Carol Kelly
Dr Dave Lynes, Dr Kate Knighting, Prof Ella Pereira
RITAApril 2016
Multi-disciplinary Autism Research: Bridging the Theory/practice gapDr Fiona HallettProf Ella Pereira, Dr Joanne Powell-Grieg, Professor Jeremy Brown, Jennifer KirtonRITAApril 2016
Bronchiectasis: developing the evidence-base, informing research, improving careProf Sally SpencerDr Carol Kelly, Dr Dave Lynes, Dr Nicola Relph, Ross ArmstrongRITAApril 2016
Adaptive User Interface: Design and Development of an Eye-based Human Computer Interaction (HCI) for People with Varying Severity of DisabilitiesDr Ardhendu Behera,
Dr Motonori Yamaguchi
Prof Gregory Francis, Purdue University, Dr Bakul Soni, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, Prof Carolyn Young, The Walton Centre NHS TrustRITAApril 2016
Evaluating and evidencing impact of crisis intervential servicesR. L. Monk &
D. Heim
QuereshiRichmond FellowshipApril 2016
Weight gain, fitness loss and physical activity among UK children during school holidays: A natural experiment testing the Structured Day HypothesisStuart FaircloughRobert Noonan (EHU, SPA), Gabriella Czanner (Liverpool University), Glenn Weaver (University of South Carolina)Wellcome Trust Seed Award in Science


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