Collaborations with external health professionals are key to the success of the Postgraduate Medical Institute. Some of these health professionals are former or current students of the postgraduate programmes.  The PGMI recognises the need to establish a continuous and mutually-beneficial relationship with these professionals and offers opportunities for continued involvement via honorary appointments, opportunities for joint research, and via networking.

The MCh (Master of Surgery) Alumni is a professional network for those graduating with the award from Edge Hill University. The network enables MCh Alumni to remain connected to the University, to the PGMI, and to one another. Many of these graduates have already been great ambassadors for the University, mentoring current students and enhancing clinical practice within their surgical careers across the NHS, both in the North West, throughout the UK, and overseas.

The University is keen to remain connected with them throughout their careers and for them to benefit from the research support and mentorship available from academic staff.  This sharing of expertise will enhance professional development opportunities, build a network of contacts for both clinicians and academics, and develop a research culture that is grounded in quality and expertise.

For recent Edge Hill University alumni news please click here.

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