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Steve Clark

MA Education (Leadership)

MA Education (Leadership) student, Steve Clark

The best thing about Edge Hill is the encouragement to develop and grow as an individual thinker, and to develop a creative way of looking at the world of education.

I was inspired to study MA Education (Leadership) from a desire to learn how to lead educational change to improve outcomes for children with special educational needs, particularly those with social, emotional and mental health needs.

I was looking for solutions in overcoming barriers to improving provision across the local authority, to support my role a specialist teacher working across primary schools within a local authority in the North West. I also have a keen interest and background in leadership prior to a second career in education. I wanted to learn more regarding the application of leadership theory, and how to support leaders through coaching.

A colleague relayed how they had a very positive experience of studying for an MA at Edge Hill, particularly with regards support from his tutors.

I love the green spaces on campus and enjoy eating lunch out by the lake. I like the open nature of the campus and the supportiveness of the staff I spoke to when enquiring about studying at Edge Hill. Ultimately, it just felt like a really good fit for me.

I was impressed by the awards for quality of teaching and the focus on social justice within the education department.

The biggest development area for me, has been in my ability to think critically and find solutions from the research literature that have practical application within schools. It feels like it has fired up my brain and my thought processes to generate ideas and possible future research areas, so much so that I have to reign myself at times.

This course has also improved my time management skills, particularly with regards the difficult early stages of complex projects. I can now trust in a process, where before I could be easily overwhelmed and procrastinate.

The most memorable moment of my course is getting the mark and tutor comments back from my first assignment. It was incredibly supportive and helped me realise that I can achieve academically, particularly after under achieving in higher education the first time round in my teens and early twenties.

The best thing about this course is the level of autonomy in what I study and in what I write. Edge Hill tutors have encouraged me to use the assignments to solve real life educational problems I face in my role as a specialist teacher. This gives a real sense of relevance and purpose to my study and has given me a love of learning.

The best thing about Edge Hill is the encouragement to develop and grow as an individual thinker, and to develop a creative way of looking at the world of education.

The tutors are incredibly supportive, I can speak to them about any concerns. The biggest challenge for me has been fitting the study around a busy job and family life. That said, it is more than achievable.

The best advice I can give is start early. It is better to do little and often rather than leaving things to the last minute. Some of my best ideas and creative thinking has happened in the spaces between reading and writing. This happened most often for me on dog walks, so always make sure you have a way of recording your thoughts for later!

Edge Hill were so supportive. I had some difficult personal issues with regards the health of two close family members that impacted my first two years of study. Edge Hill were so supportive of me during this time, which enabled me to continue with my studies, rather than putting it on hold.

I am enjoying studying and don’t want it to stop. I am considering a professional doctorate and a possible move into a career in higher education.

If you are considering studying a MA Education, I can thoroughly recommend Edge Hill as a great place to study.