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Sara Zamir

Asylum and Protections Executive Decision Maker, Home Office

BA (Hons) Criminology

Sara Zamir

My degree aided and equipped me with the necessary research skills that I have carried with me into my chosen career.

My favourite thing about studying criminology at Edge Hill was undoubtedly the diversity of the course. It investigates a wide range of phenomena and is not limited to studying criminals. Criminology goes in depth to discover the science of crime, attempting to analyse, underpin and critique previous social ideologies to not only form our own arguments, but to also understand what crime is, and why people commit it, on a resonant level. It analyses contributing factors such as social environments, the effect of positive versus negative surroundings and the profound argument of nature versus nurture.

I found it extremely enjoyable to research and form my own opinions on contemporary social issues that arguably I would not have been able to do if I had not studied criminology. It offers a critical perspective into the assembly of a person’s morals and values.

My degree aided and equipped me with the necessary research skills that I have carried with me into my chosen career. My graduate career is a very research and evidence-based role that requires me to do intensive amounts of investigating to form rational decisions, from citing endless amounts of case laws, theorists, and authors to support my claims.

The coursework I completed throughout my degree has allowed me to ensure I am always following my statements with supporting evidence. With the added benefits of completing a research module, this is something that I now utilise every day in my career, and it is from my degree that I am so confident in doing so.

The most memorable moment of my degree was completing and submitting my final year dissertation. It was such a gratifying experience that signified the completion of something I had been working so hard towards for the past three years. A rigorous but rewarding task that I’m glad I had the opportunity to produce.

The top three skills I have taken away from my degree are my ability to be analytical, inquisitive, and explorative in all situations I face.

I was inspired to pursue my current career so I could contribute as much as I could to help those in need. In keeping track of current news stories, trends, and political concerns, it was evident that issues surrounding immigration, refugee and asylum were always at the forefront of our country’s matters. Being helpless in aiding the countless amount of people, children and families fleeing war-torn countries was not a pleasing feeling and upon hearing about occupations for the Home Office I applied to become an asylum and operations decision maker the month of my graduation and got the job four months later.

With my career, I am fortunate enough to travel around whilst I work. With head offices all around the country, my plans are to move around and gain more experience that will hopefully allow me to progress higher.

To those considering studying criminology at Edge Hill, I would say attend the seminars and read any material your lecturer may give you. The reading will help when it comes to writing your coursework. Enjoy!